“God”, Please Shut Up

It seems that wherever I go, whatever I do, I still stumble on someone who talks of this fictional character called “God” in some superpower way, like that character is all-great. Perhaps that character is indeed all-great and these millions of people know exactly what they’re talking about. But if so, then why don’t I see this “God” character? Or a description of him that would be bound by common sense and not by some crazy man’s theory?

Then it strikes me, they say that you have to believe to see “God”. It seems that the character called “God” is invisible to those who do not believe, like harry potter and the invisible cloak (or whatever that thing was). Each religion has it’s own, different character, but all are named “God”. Strange.

So let me get this straight, religious people believe in “God”, each religion has it’s own god who has his own set of rules. So, when one put’s seeds in the ground to grow potatoes, he thanks “God” for supplying him with potatoes when actually he himself was the one who grew them? Heck, I’ve heard that some “Gods” think it’s a sin to dance, to express yourself.

And “Satan”, “Satan” is this terrible creature who every religious person hates from their hearts. Yet “God” is the one who created “Satan”, since “God” created all good and evil. “God” murders, rapes, violates hundreds of people each day, by that theory. So each time when someone thanks “God” for something, it makes me sick to my stomach.


I already know that a ton of religious people will start to rage with these “We were created with a big boom instead of developing from monkeys because big boom makes so much more sense“. It does not. It honestly does not.


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