All Of Nothing

Death. It’s the opposite of something. It’s nothing. When something works, then death is when it stops working. Death is not a lasting thing, death is an event in which something becomes nothing. It’s a common thing, but it’s rare. It’s common because everybody dies, everything dies, but it’s rare because everybody is afraid of it. You see, death follows everyone, everything.

It has come to my attention that most nights I dream of death, for over a year now. I usually don’t dream of anything, or I at least don’t remember anything. But when I do dream, I see myself jumping off a bridge that crosses on top of a highway into multiple vehicles. Or jumping off a very high building. Or fighting a gang, me versus multiple.

I think, I believe, I’m obsessed with facing something bigger than me and hence those dreams. Taking a journey against the odds, or something, anything with the possible result of me being dead. That or I secretly want to die. Then again if I want to take a journey which might, not will, but might end up with me not being a part of this world anymore, then I do secretly want to die.

Death. It’s the opposite of something, it’s nothing. I secretly want to become nothing. More nothing than I already am. All of nothing.



  1. interesting. Do you write your dreams down?

    1. No. But the dreams repeat, so each time I remember more of them. The funny thing about dreams is that they end exactly when I end. There’s no outro, no ending story to them.

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